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Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
Rank: 14 Name: ZooTampa at Lowry Park Teams: ZooTampa Friends ZooTampa Staff & Volunteers teammates: 224 Total Points: 33298  
Rank: 2 Name: Zoo New England Teams: Kane Team Zoo New England teammates: 321 Total Points: 79165  
Rank: 111 Name: ZooFit Teams: ZooFit Whidbey/Woodland Park Zoo teammates: 4 Total Points: 2067  
Rank: 103 Name: Zoo/Consersvation Society Teams: Oakland Zoo teammates: 42 Total Points: 2394  
Rank: 150 Name: Zoo Atlanta Teams: Zoo Atlanta teammates: 7 Total Points: 951  
Rank: 132 Name: Zero Waste PDX Teams: Zero Waste PDX teammates: 17 Total Points: 1479  
Rank: 246 Name: Zero Waste Los Alamos Teams: Zero Waste Los Alamos teammates: 2 Total Points: 176  
Rank: 65 Name: Yost Grube Hall Architects Teams: Yost Grube Hall Architecture teammates: 19 Total Points: 6098  
Rank: 170 Name: York University Teams: York University teammates: 14 Total Points: 755  
Rank: 274 Name: Yale University Teams: Yale Sustainability teammates: 3 Total Points: 106  
Rank: 322 Name: WyFo Teams: WyFo teammates: 1 Total Points: 15  
Rank: 60 Name: WSP USA Teams: WSP Portland/Vancouver WSP Seattle Ephrata Office teammates: 36 Total Points: 6922  
Rank: 43 Name: World Resources Institute Teams: WRI teammates: 148 Total Points: 10106  
Rank: 94 Name: Woodstock Day School Teams: Woodstock Day School families Woodstock Day School Summer Adventure teammates: 22 Total Points: 2856  
Rank: 322 Name: Williamston United Methodist Church Teams: WUMC teammates: 1 Total Points: 15  
Rank: 126 Name: Wildlife Rescue Center Teams: Wildlife Rescue Center teammates: 50 Total Points: 1607  
Rank: 200 Name: Wildlife Images Rehabilitation & Education Center Teams: Wildlife Images Rehabilitation & Education Center teammates: 11 Total Points: 434  
Rank: 305 Name: Wiinnisquam Regional High School Teams: Future Scientists and Problem Solvers teammates: 1 Total Points: 40  
Rank: 258 Name: Wiesbaden Community Teams: Wiesbaden teammates: 2 Total Points: 141  
Rank: 323 Name: Whirlpool Corporation Teams: Whirlpool Wonders teammates: 1 Total Points: 6  
Rank: 307 Name: Westmeade Elementary School Teams: Karen McIntyre teammates: 3 Total Points: 37  
Rank: 283 Name: We Care Teams: Plastic Patrol teammates: 1 Total Points: 84  
Rank: 142 Name: WEC Teams: WEC teammates: 3 Total Points: 1134  
Rank: 129 Name: Weber State University Teams: Weber State Green Team (pilot) teammates: 11 Total Points: 1538  
Rank: 256 Name: Web Development Teams: Michael Craig teammates: 1 Total Points: 146  
Rank: 312 Name: Waterloo Community School: Orange Elementary Junior Naturalists Teams: Stacey Snyder Orange Junior Naturalists teammates: 2 Total Points: 26  
Rank: 263 Name: WasteLessLifeNM Teams: Zero-Waste NM teammates: 3 Total Points: 128  
Rank: 52 Name: Washington County Teams: Washington County (Official Team for Employees of Washington County Oregon) teammates: 42 Total Points: 8107  
Rank: 321 Name: Warren Easton High School Teams: Isaiah Squad teammates: 1 Total Points: 16  
Rank: 310 Name: Waquoit Congregational Church Teams: Zero Waste teammates: 1 Total Points: 29